Last update: Sun, Sep 25, 2011 at 6:55 PM.
    • ServerMonitor is a Frontier app that sends pings to servers you specify once every minute to determine if they're still up and responding to pings.
    • The data is presented in a table that allows you to see quickly if there are any problems on the servers you manage.
    • In the OPML Editor, choose Tool Catalog from the Misc menu and click on the Install link next to ServerMonitor.
    • After installing, wait till the top of the minute, then navigate to config.serverMonitor.
    • For each server you want to monitor, create an empty table under config.serverMonitor.servers. The name of each table doesn't matter. It should be something meaningful to you.
    • Again, wait till the top of the minute, and each of the tables you created will be initialized.
    • Repeat for as many servers as you want to monitor.
    • After they initialize, open the prefs sub-table. Set enabled to true, and enter the domain or IP address of the server.
    • From that point on, every minute ServerMonitor will ping your servers, and store the data in config.serverMonitor.
    • For now, there's a bare-bones readout that shows you how your servers are doing. You can access it from this URL:
    • It will be hooked in much better into the opmlEditor user interface.
    • Ask questions and report problems either here or on the Frontier-User mail list.